STMPO: Sand, Trees, Mountains, Pacific Ocean
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STMPO (Sand, Trees, Mountains, Pacific Ocean) is a new California Nonprofit 501(c)3 Public Benefit Corporation, based in San Diego, California.

STMPO is striving to raise awareness about the harmful effects of pollutants in our environment, and increasing efforts to preserve the coastlines of the Pacific Ocean. Based in San Diego, STMPO is taking this campaign all the way up the West Coast, from Southern California (Mexican Border) to Northern Washington (Canadian Border).

STMPO is actively involved in the community with our weekly trash pick-ups in Southern California. Volunteer to clean the beaches with us by signing up for our email list: stmpocali

Together we can help to preserve the environment by picking up trash, and reducing harmful pollutants like oil and garbage in our streets. Curbside drains feed into to the oceans and bays, and the results can be toxic - harming marine life as well as people. Everyone can do their part to preserve our coastlines.

Where do the DONATIONS go?
By donating, you can help us meet our immediate and long-term goals. STMPO promotes active lifestyles, eating healthy, and a reciprocal relationship with nature. The founders of have backgrounds in community farming, and health and fitness.

One goal of our organization is to build local community-based farms to help feed residents of that area, including the homeless and underemployed. Your contributions will go towards farming efforts: to purchase and plant fruit bearing trees and seeds to grow vegetables, plus the tools and equipment necessary for harvesting. We are developing a tree-planting project in designated areas along the coast, to involve members of the community. We are also looking for unused or under-developed land near our coastlines, to plant trees and community crops.

Another goal is to start a yoga studio to promote community fitness and personal health. Until the studio is acquired and established, STMPO in conjunction with Born Again Naturalist is holding donation-based community yoga in local parks.

More immediate goals are to help fund the startup costs of the CA Nonprofit, and to offset overhead costs of the t-shirts and clothing that we design and print. Our clothing features images of nature and coastal lifestyles. We are now using all eco-friendly water based inks on our printed garments.

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